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Central Information Technology Office (CITO)

Institution Name Central Information Technology Office (CITO)
Location Belmopan, Belize
Established 2004
Description of Organization The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) was established in 2004 from the Belmopan Computer Center which had been re-organized in 1999 under the FMDP Project (1997) to provide Management, Administration and Support for the newly implemented Government of Belize Wide Area Network (GoB WAN) and its Enterprise Applications.

The CITO is dedicated to providing efficient and effective Information Technology and Systems Management, Support and Development Services for the Information Systems that are implemented within the context of the GoB-WAN and strives to ensure that the Public Service in Belize is among the world leaders in the effective exploitation of new and emerging Information and Communication Technologies in the delivery of its services.

The CITO comprises a highly skilled ICT technical group which in conjunction with Service Providers of the Enterprise Applications and WAN communications and infrastructure, keep the countrywide information systems operational 24/7-365. The operational structure, organizational structure and the terms of reference for members of the technical group have been developed not only to provide for the current technical needs of the GoB-WAN but to also morph with future service provision requirements of the GoB-WAN as it expands and evolves.
Official Website www.cito.gov.bz